My name is Carolina Milano. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


I had an academic and professional career as a civil engineer, worked in important construction companies in Brazil, such as Matec Engenharia and Gafisa, had focused my carreer in commercial business development in the civil construcion area. Although since 2008 I have been experiencing a new life: Photography.


Everything started as a hobby, and somehow photography made me see things from another perspective. All moments and small details became important, especially the simple ones. With my background experience in mathematics, I quickly became amazed by the types of equipment and technics involved in the whole image process.


For me, photography is the encounter of Art and Mathematics, my two passions. This combination can be found in my food photography work as well as my Fine Art Work. I’m intensively seeking the harmony between the beautiful and the exact.


Currently, my primary focus is studying and researching the development of Fine Art.


Some Clients


  • Abraccio Restaurant
  • Arno
  • Atelier Gourmand
  • Bauducco
  • Bocadinho
  • Boloccino
  • Braz Pizzaria
  • Braz Trattoria
  • Cau Chocolates
  • CookMood
  • Confeitaria Dama
  • Dedo de Moça
  • Editora Gold
  • La Reina Restaurant
  • Lanchonete da Cidade Restaurant
  • Phillips Walita
  • Revista Água de Coco
  • Revista JP – Seção Avental
  • Revista Poder
  • Rosa dos Ventos Porcelanas


Some Fine Art exhibitions:


• 2011 – Construindo Sonhos

• 2013 – Garimpagem

• 2014 – Mostra Artefacto de Decoração – São Paulo (Ambiente Arquiteta Silvana Lara Nogueira)

• 2014 – Foto/Formato

• 2014 – Mostra Artefacto de Decoração - Miami (Ambiente Arquiteta Luciana Fragali)

• 2014 – Tragetórias

• 2015 - Feira Parte Shopping Cidade Jardim - Galeria Room8

• 2015 - Foto/Formato II

• 2015 - Mostra Essencia - Moldura Minuto

• 2016 - Feira SParte

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